Saturation Point

The September issue of Marie Claire is full of great fashion and colors for this fall. The Saturation Point photo shoot looks amazing. It is filled with great ensembles and tons of rich, deep colors. I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you! Sometimes we flip through the magazine so fast that we miss the great items that are put onto the models to complete a look. 

[photographed by Fabio Chizzola. Fashion editor Tiffany Fraser Steele]

Hello, Merlot. 



This look is one of my favorites. One wouldn’t imagine putting together a rich red Dior coat with a Anna Kula scarf in magenta, but here, the look is complete. The jacket caught my eye, which then shifted my focus to the full scarf around the model. It looks so comfortable and warm, yet, polished. It’s a great fall look. Unfortunately, I was not a fan of the pink bangle. 

Jacket: Dior, $3,790

Top: John Smedley, $275

Pants: M Missoni, $475

Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent, $895

Bag: Yves Saint Laurent, 1,895

Scarf: Anna Jula, $225

Bangle: A.V. Max, $65



The mix of different pinks and purple look great here. These colors brighten up fall!  The rich purple clutch is great for day and night. I wish Marie Claire photographed the entire dress.

Dress: Louis Vuitton, $2,846

Bag: Gucci, $895

Gloves: Carolina Amato, $375

Red Over Heels



The oversized DKN coat seems to me intimidating and almost overwhelming, but imagine all the layers you could put on underneath the coat to stay warm this fall/winter. The rich blue Carolina Amato gloves are elegant, yet, fun. Again, I am not a fan of the A.V. Max bangle. 

Coat: DKNY, $695

Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent, $695

Bangle: A.V. Max, $65

Gloves: Carolina Amato, $250


I love scarves, which is why it is no surprise that I am in love with this scarf in this season’s color, eggplant. The coat is busy enough that it does not need such a rich, attention-grabbing scarf, but nonetheless, who could overshadow a Chanel jacket?

Jacket: Chanel, price upon request

Top: John Smedley, $275

Scarf: Armand Diradourian, $438

Bag: Devi Kroell, $1,490

Blue Period


Want a jaw dropping color? Here it is. This rich blue is stunning. Also, the mix of shades and hues of blue is fantastic. Usually, dressing head to toe in one color is unbearable, tacky, and a huge no-no, but this is outstanding. This monochromatic ensemble has out did itself and shows how to do it the right way.

Dress: Donna Karan New York, $2,295

Belt: Donna Karan New York, $395

  Top: John Smedley, $275

Necklace: Louis Vuitton, $1,288

Gloves: Carolina Amato, $300


The mix of color is great here, while the upper half is bright and stands out, the bottom equals out the ensemble by being more of a neutral. Every girl should have some sort of red accessory to add a pop of color into any outfit. This red choice is great and shows how much power an attention-grabbing red piece can be. 

Cardigan: Rodebjer, $470

Top: Cynthia Rowley, $220

Skirt: Lanvin, $1,123

Necklace: R.J. Graziano, $75

Belt: Club Monaco, $39

Gloves: Carolina Amato, $375

Green Sleeves


What’s not to love from this outfit? A combination of some of this season’s richest colors. The two toned, over-the-elbow gloves and the deep, rich structured green top is great.

Top: Marc Jacobs, $950

Skirt: Marc Jacobs, $1,200

Turtleneck: Christopher Fischer, $295

Bag: Roger Vivier, $1,795

Belt: United Colors of Benetton, $39

Gloves: Carolina Amato, $250


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